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History and Genealogy

After you have acquainted yourself with the McCulloch history on Wikipedia, consider downloading and reading Walter Ramsey McCulloch’s “History of the Galloway Families of McCulloch.” Then, if you are ready to do your family tree, be sure to bookmark and refer to the excellent site mcculloch.scot which puts the genealogical information from the latter book in GEDCOM form. Mcculloch.scot not only tracks the McCullochs of Myrton, but also includes the McCullochs of County Antrim, Northern Ireland.

The McCollough Project – Y DNA Results from Family Tree DNA

If you are truly interested in learning whether you relate genetically to the McCullochs of Galloway, the best resource available is a Y DNA test from Family Tree DNA. This Y chromosome test is for males only and tracks the paternal line. Once you take the Y DNA test you can join the McCollough Project on Family Tree DNA at no additional cost. You can learn about the project here.

An autosomal DNA test like the ones offered by Ancestry.com or 23andMe can provide an estimate (or interpretation) about a person’s ethnicity and may provide DNA matches from recent relatives. However, a Y DNA test offers a deep look into the paternal line, potentially going well-beyond modern history back to ancient origins.


A clan is more than DNA and genealogy. It’s a familial or tribal affiliation. In the case of the McCullochs, the chiefs of the clan lived in Galloway, Scotland. Galloway (or Dumfries and Galloway, today) is a lowland region of southwestern Scotland on the coast of the Irish Sea. Northern Ireland is visible from the coastline. The name “Galloway” is commonly believed to be derived from Gaels living among the strangers; the strangers being the Norse Vikings and Norse Gaels who were dominant in the Hebrides. (There are competing theories to the origin of the name of Galloway). The McCullochs were a prominent Celtic clan who appear to have Brythonic origins. (It should be noted that current Y DNA results do not indicate that the McCullochs paternal line was Scandinavian).

To learn more about Galloway, Scotland, treat yourself to reading the following:

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For information and resources about the McCullough family lines and McCullochs in County Antrim Northern Ireland, visit our McCullough site here.

McCullochs in the New World

Some McCullochs were prominent settlers in land owners in North America. Here are just a few of their stories. More stories shall be added from time to time.

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