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Sir Godfrey McCulloch Project

We are pleased to announce that a group of private donors are offering to pay for the Big Y DNA test through FamilyTree DNA of one approved and documented direct male descendant of Sir Godfrey McCulloch of Myreton. To be considered for this offer, please contact us at clanmccullochorg@gmail.com with subject line GODFREY. Each candidate should be prepared to provide genealogical documentation that he descends directly from Sir Godfrey McCulloch through the paternal line. The decision to select the candidate is solely at the discretion of this group of private donors.

The purpose of this project is to help descendants of the McCullochs of Myreton complete a genetic tree for the various branches of this family. The purpose of this project is not to identify a potential candidate to be the chief of Clan McCulloch despite the fact that Sir Godfrey McCulloch and his son Gilbert McCulloch were the last two clan chiefs.

To inquire, please contact us at clanmccullochorg@gmail.com.