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Galloway: A Land Apart, by Andrew J. McCulloch

To better understand the historical context of Clan McCulloch there may be no finer modern work than Andrew J. McCulloch’s Galloway: A Land Apart. McCulloch was born in Edniburgh and a native of Gatehouse. He descended from the Galloway McCulloch’s which his book describes as “one of the leading kindreds of medieval Galloway.” While the book is not a history of Clan McCulloch, members of the McCulloch family appear at various interludes in the story of Galloway. Rather than spinning yarns about McCulloch exploits, the book provides some context for McCulloch activities and allegiances against the backdrop of political and clan rivalries within Scotland and the British Isles.

Sadly, this book is out of print, but can be found on occasion at online booksellers. Learn more about author Andrew J. McCulloch.