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History Tip: Wigtownshire Charters

Scottish Historical Society’s “Wigtownshire Charters” available on the National Library of Scotland site is a treasure trove of historical and genealogical records. These resources are best read in conjunction with Walter Jameson McCulloch’s “A History of the Galloway Family of McCullochs.” However, if you look closely enough you will notice that there are several McCullochs who were not mentioned in the latter book.

Even a casual reading of just the charters involving the McCullochs give us insights into the families. The various “lines” knew each other intimately. They were parties to and witnesses of each others charters and transactions. Also, they married McCulloch cousins frequently. In at least two instances, there are references to proposed marriages that would require papal consent because the proposed marriages violated the law of consanguinity.

Photo Credit: David Gunn