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McCulloch’s Castle of Kirkbean

You won’t find “McCulloch’s Castle” listed among the list of castles and estates of Clan McCulloch. However, “McCulloch’s Castle” is the name of a Roman fortlet in Kirkbean, Kirkcudbright, Scotland. Since at least 1754, maps have indicated a prior “McCulloch Castle” at the site. The Roman fortlet was excavated in 1962. Samian ware was found at the site. The site is believed to have been used since the Iron Age. The connection to the McCullochs is not known. However, if Clan McCulloch owned a castle at this site, it would be significantly further east than other estates such as Myreton and Cardoness, thus possibly marking the eastern most point of their landholdings.

Further historical and archeological research is warranted to determine the connection to the McCullochs, as well as the relevance of this site in the wider context of the region’s history.