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McCullochs in Medieval Records

1285 Inquest concerning 320 cows delivered by Thomas Maculauth on behalf of John Balliol (the elder) in part payment of £100 debt

1296 Ragman Rolls – Signed by Thomas, Michael, and William Maculagh (Sir Thomas McCulloch sealed the Ragman Roll’s using his personal seal bearing the image of a squirrel)

1296 Thomas and Michael MacCulloch jury at inquest into lands of Helen de la Zouche

1296 Thomas mc’culauhc and his brother Willelmo witness a charter by Roland Ascolac to Duncan Campbell. (Other witnesses include a Thomas Mac Ceyl’ and Gille Brigte Mac Kell’).

1305 Thomas Makhulagh appointed Sheriff of Wigtown by King Edward I

1315 Valuation of Willelmus Maccolagh’s horse

1342 King Edward III orders payment to Gilbert Macoulaghe

1342 King Edward III orders payments to Patrick Macolagh until his lands are restored

1343 King Edward III orders payments to Michael and Thomas Macolaghe until their respective lands are restored

1344 Thomas and Michael Maccolagh petition King Edward III for payment in arrears for services

1345 Payment to Patricio Macolagh for service to King Edward III

1346 King Edward III orders payment to Patrick Macolaghe, a priest, for service in Brittany

1346 King Edward III orders payment to Sir Patrick Macolaghe the son (knight of Scotland) for service in the north

1346 Payments ordered by King Edward III to Patricio and sons Johi and Patricii, along with Michi Macolagh

1349 Grant of Safe Passage to Thoma Macolagh by King Edward III

1351 Protestation of King Edward Balliol too King Edward III – Participation by Patrick McCoullagh

About 1351 Index of Charters by King David II – Charter of Patrick M’Culache, his lands granted to John Carrik in liferent.

1352 Charter of King Edward to Lord William of Auldburgh, all the lands in Glenken called the barony of Kells (KCB), with the king’s castle called ‘Insula Arsa’, and the reversions of his barony of Crossmichael and Kisdale in Galloway, for a rose during rose season, if requested. – Witnessed by Sir Patrick Macoulagh, Knight and Gilbert McCoulaghe (alternative source)

1353 Petition of Patricius Macolagh to King Edward III

1354 The Charter of Patrick Macolagh to be enrolled

1357 Grant of safe conduct to Thoma Macolagh to Canterbury by King Edward III

1359 and 1360 Grants of safe conduct to Thoma(s) Macolagh and his spouse to Canterbury

1360 King Edward III orders payments to Sir Patrick Macolagh, the younger, for his services protecting the priory of Lancaster

1360 King Edward III confirms payment to Patrick Macolaghe for his long service, until his lands are restored

1363 Peace proposals between King Edward III and King David II calling for restoration of Patrick McCulloch’s lands

1363 Safe conduct for Thomas and Gilberto Macoulagh to city of London

1364 Grant of safe passage to Christoforo and Patricii Macolagh to attend market

1369 King Edward III ordered Patricio Macolagh to raise troops for fighting in Brittany

1414 Grant of lands of Ardwell by Sir Norman McCulloch of Myretoun to his brother Archibald

1495 Confirmation of James McCulloch of Cardoness’ Charter by King

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