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McCullochs in the Scottish Parliament: 1357-1882

Alexander McCulloch of Drummorrell, Whithorn, 1669-74. (son of Robert McCulloch, of Drummorrell).

Andrew McCulloch of Tain, 1649.

Sir Godfrey McCulloch, Laird of Myrtoun, Wigtownshire, 1678.

James McCulloch of Tain, 1648.

James McCulloch of Whithorn, 1649 and 1650

John McCulloch, of Myrtoun, Wigtownshire, 1641.

John McCulloch, (son of Robert McCulloch of Drummorrell), Provost Stirling, 1685-1686.

Thomas McCulloch, bailie of Tain, 1639-41.

William McCulloch, Laird of Myrtoun, Kirkcudbright, 1612 and 1617.

In addition to several McCulloch’s serving in the Scottish Parliament, many McCullochs have served in various local positions including Sheriff of Wigtown, Sheriff of Galloway, Provost of Tain, Provost of Stirling, and various town councils. In addition, several McCullochs have been knighted.

Photo credit: Barnyz