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About The Clan McCulloch Clan Society Project

Clan McCulloch is a clan with mysterious origins that date back to “time immemorial.” The lowland clan’s chiefs resided in Galloway, Scotland at castles and estates in Myerton, Cardoness, Ardwell, Killasser, and Barholm. Other branches of the clan included the MacCullochs of Oban (Argyll) (septs of Clan MacDougall) and the MacCullochs of Plaidis (Ross-shire) (septs of Clan Munro and Clan Ross). Multiple theories for the name and family origins exist and warrant further historical, genealogical and DNA study. Adding to the mystery is the fact that the McCulloch name appears in several spelling variations. Of note, the name is often rendered in McCullough in Northern Ireland and North America, as well as variants such as McCulloh and McCullah. Further study is merited to understand whether some of these families and names arose independently from the McCullochs of Myerton, Oban, and Plaidis, and what relationships (whether by blood or affinity) these families may have had with each other.

Despite so many historic and genealogical riddles waiting to be solved, it is known that the clan was prominent in Galloway for hundreds of years. The Myerton chiefs were elevated to a baronet in 1634. But this title ended with the execution of Sir Godfrey McCulloch in 1697. Thereafter Clan McCulloch became “armigerous,” meaning it does not have a recognized chief.

There are reportedly over 500 clan societies around the world. However, Clan McCulloch does not have a clan society. Instead, several families throughout the diaspora have recorded their genealogies and have gathered as families in annual family reunions. But these disparate families have not been connected in a broader clan or clan society. The Clan Society Project would change that.

By establishing a clan society, Clan McCulloch hopes to provide members with genealogical, historic, and DNA research resources to further investigate the many mysteries of the McCulloch origins, as well as promoting the McCulloch heritage as it has developed in Scotland, Northern Ireland, and throughout the global diaspora. In a broader context, the clan society project will give McCullochs of all spelling variations a sense of shared kinship and identity, and foster our affinity with the historic lands of our forebears.

If you are interested in being part of the founding of a McCulloch clan society, contact us here.