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The New McCulloch Clan Society

Today, May 1, 2021, we have launched the Clan McCulloch Clan Society as a non-profit organization. We are excited about exploring the history of the McCulloch Clan, and our shared heritage in southwest Scotland, Northern Ireland, and the diaspora. We also hope to be a hub for sharing DNA and genealogical research sources so that McCullochs, McCulloughs and all of our kindreds can learn more about their ancestry, history, and genetic origins.

The purpose of the newly formed Clan McCulloch Clan Society includes:

  • Collecting and preserving historical materials related to the Clan.
  • Encouraging and supporting DNA and genealogical research related to Clan McCulloch, and McCulloch families of all spelling variations.
  • Encouraging tourism to Scotland and Northern Ireland, particularly to sites of importance to Clan McCulloch.
  • Fostering academic study in traditionally Scottish topic areas through scholarship programs. To perpetuate Scottish traditions and customs, promote Clan affinity and kinship